Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped some of our clients:

Osterberg LLC negotiated a seven figure settlement for a copyright owner whose work was used in a commercial without consent.

Osterberg LLC serves as outside general counsel to a start-up technology provider. Our client is on its way to perfecting and deploying its technology and achieving revenue. We’ve assisted with IP licensing transactions, non-disclosure agreements and corporate formation and compliance.

Eric Osterberg successfully tried trade secret misappropriation and breach of non-compete agreement claims on behalf of a B2B provider against its largest competitor. We obtained rulings that validated the enforceability of our client’s non-compete, and an injunction prohibiting violation of its terms. The case settled favorably just after we rested our case.

For years, Eric has represented a collective licensing society in copyright litigation against Connecticut infringers. He has brought copyright infringement claims against businesses that perform songs without permission, and obtained favorable judgments or settlements in all cases.

Our music industry representation also includes prosecuting a copyright infringement claim against .a national restaurant chain that created an advertising campaign featuring an alleged parody of our client’s song. We forced them to pay to license the use.

Eric successfully represented a software patent owner in multiple patent infringement lawsuits against competing providers. All defendants settled by paying our client for use of the patents in suit.

Our software expertise helped in the defense of a software developer against a misappropriation of trade secrets claim brought by a former partner. After we won several important motions, the plaintiff dropped the case.

We put our full range of IP expertise to use representing a beverage importer against another importer who claimed rights to the product’s name and the design of the bottle. The case involved international copyrights, trademarks, and design patents. Ultimately, our adversary went out of business after it was ordered to pay our client’s attorneys’ fees.

We spearheaded a campaign to reduce counterfeiting for a major urban clothing manufacturer. We obtained multiple orders authorizing the seizure of counterfeit goods in New York City, conducted raids with private investigators and U.S. marshals, and seized and destroyed hundreds of counterfeit goods.

For a major independent motion picture company, we defeated a summary judgment motion, enabling us to obtain a large settlement from a television network that created a television series based on a copyrighted film.

Eric successfully defended an advertiser against claims alleging fraud in awarding of sweepstakes prizes. At trial, we were able to prove that the sweepstakes had been conducted fairly.